Fun for free: Ideas for a great time with no admission in KC

Fun for free: Ideas for a great time with no admission in KC
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When visiting an area, sometimes the endless admission charges and expenses can be taxing. That is one good thing about Kansas City, though — there’s plenty to do that is free. From museums to park outings to events that bring together residents for food and drink, you can have a lot of fun on a budget.

We’ve brought together 10 free attractions that are a part of KC life. See which of these will appeal the most of you, and find more by going to the Visit KC site.

Penguin Park: You’ll see tons of families at city park in the Northland area. There are two really fun attractions for the kids: a 26-food kangaroo slide and a 23-foot giant penguin that can provide a fun short trip for you and your children.

The Martha Lafite Thompson Nature Sanctuary: In nearby Liberty is this great sanctuary with live animal exhibits, walkable trails and educational programs for all ages. It’s a true hidden hot spot that deserves more visitors.

Legends Outlets Audio Tour: Although it’s mostly known as a shopping standby in KC, the Legends area also has a great self-guided audio tour that details dozens of famous Kansas residents, including Russell Stover, Tom Watson and Amelia Earhart. It’s learning and entertainment at the same time!

Lakeside Nature Center: This is one of Missouri’s largest wildlife rehab facilities, and it is open to the public for visitors. Inside Swope Park, the center has guided hikes, educational events and “nature story time” for the kids.

Kaleidoscope: The Hallmark Visitors Center has a special free art space for kids. Using all types of media from cardboard to crayons and beyond, Kaleidoscope brings the excitement of art creation to life.

Frontier Army Museum: This great admission-free museum has artifacts that range from 1804 to 1916, and it also has an entire section devoted to past and present Fort Leavenworth. If you want to see what an old-school aircraft looks like up close, this is your spot.

First Fridays at The Crossroads: This art district hosts a very popular monthly event that includes live bands, vendors and food trucks. Over the years, it’s become a fun and vibrant kickoff to the weekend for many.

The Money Museum: Part of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, this is a separate display about the greenbacks. It includes a look inside the region’s largest cash vault as well as the coin collection of President Harry S. Truman. It’s fun and free, despite the subject matter.

Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead: This place brings the family farms up close and personal for all ages. There are animals on display – including a petting area – pony rides, and even a fishing pond.

Children’s Peace Pavilion: Housed in nearby Independence, Mo., this interactive museum features dozens of displays centered on the idea of world peace. It’s a good time and can teach concepts like better communication and conflict resolution.

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