Fun Districts and Areas in Kansas City, MO to Visit

Fun Districts and Areas in Kansas City, MO to Visit
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Kansas City is a special place with heart. Tourists notice fairly quickly that its districts and neighborhoods have their own appeal, personality and “that special something” that makes them KC treasures. Here’s a look at just a few of these areas that dot the landscape in Kansas City. Consider a visit to experience them firsthand and enjoy your time in our fare city.

18th and Vine

In the heart of Kansas City’s historic jazz district, this hot corner has some great attractions. Two of the most celebrated museums in the area — the American Jazz Museum and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum — are located in this neighborhood.

As it is appropriate for the birthplace of American jazz, some nightclubs specialize in that style. As far as food goes, this is one of the city’s key epicenters for barbecue, sometimes served with a side of hot jazz or blues music. Is there any better combination? The Visit KC site has helpful tips on making the most of your time in this neighborhood.

Crossroads Art District

Fun, food, shopping and music also can be had in this area in downtown KC. There are more than 100 independent arts businesses that are within this area, featuring all types of disciplines and styles. It’s another spot for great food and drink, but with an eclectic palette. Diners and sushi share dining spots. For shopping beyond the arts, there are also plenty of local boutiques to check out. To find out everything Crossroads has to offer, go to its website.

The Crestwood Shops

Is it possible to combine shopping and history? This area — one of the first shopping centers in the city — answers that question engagingly and delightfully.

It was opened in 1921 and features a block of bespoke, independent boutiques and restaurants. Preserved in a style that will take you back in time, Crestwood still has a modern feel and is a fun afternoon trip in the KC area.

To learn about the mix of shops and restaurants in Crestwood, visit its website.


Now it’s time to truly go underground. Definitely not your typical neighborhood space, this area has been described as the “world’s largest underground business complex.” We’re talking 6 million square feet of space with 50-plus businesses and office spaces all underneath the city streets. In fact, Subtropolis was created from a limestone deposit that dates back to 270 million years ago. Now that’s some serious history to explore! Learn more about the unusual appeal of Subtroplis on its website.

Clark’s Point in Case Park

For a fun journey into some Kansas City history, there is this area on West 8th Street. Along with all of the amenities that a park offers, there’s a statue that shows Lewis and Clark surveying the landscape.

To find out more about this sculpture, go to the Lewis and Clark Trail site which details many areas in the US with ties to the two explorers.

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