Responsive maintenance support is a must in Kansas City property management

Responsive maintenance support is a must in Kansas City property management
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How well and quickly do you respond to maintenance requests made by your renters? That’s an important question for any Kansas City-area landlord. Promptly responding to tenant problems is a critical part of being a good landlord and maximizing your rental property business. It demonstrates to your tenants that you’re a responsible landlord and it also provides an opportunity to address minor issues that could develop over time into more costly problems.

At PMI Destination Properties, our talented team of employees and vendors can keep your real estate investment in optimal condition. We efficiently handle all maintenance requests and coordinate repairs. We also provide a thorough financial accounting of all maintenance work and other costs related to your investment property. We can provide a little help or a lot of help — it’s up to you! Here are just a sampling of some of the maintenance/upkeep work that we do for Kansas City-area landlords:

Address leaks and other water-related issues. There are so many different places in the home where a leak can occur. At the very least, leaks can increase your water bill; at their worst, they can lead to extensive and expensive water/mold damage. A dripping faucet or a leaky toilet can send gallons of extra water down the drain every day. A water leak under a cabinet or in the ceiling can cause costly damage/repairs and lead to mold. Use the time between tenants and periodic inspections to look for signs of water problems. Landlords should encourage residents to report any water-related issues, such as leaky faucets or problematic toilets, quickly and to report any dampness or water in a home that they aren’t sure of its source.

If you’re looking to make your rental property more water-wise, we can help with that, too! Smart sprinklers, drought-resistant plants and other yard investments can help your property look great, use less water and attract tenants who are interested in sustainability and/or don’t have a lot of time for yard upkeep.

2. Maintain and repair safety features

The little things really matter to you and your tenants. And we help Kansas City landlords stay on top of critical details. We can check to see that all of your home’s safety features are working correctly and if needed, batteries are replaced regularly. Detectors with non-replaceable 10-year batteries are designed to remain effective for up to 10 years. Any other type of smoke alarm that isn’t hard-wired into a home will need a new battery at least once a year. Know that carbon monoxide alarms are equally as important and that carbon monoxide poisoning is a year-round threat, not just during the winter months.

3. Repalce Hot Water Heaters

Running out of hot water or having hot water heater fail can definitely cause tenant satisfaction to plummet if it’s not rectified quickly. Hot water on demand is necessary to keep the relationship between you and your tenants a good one. This is yet another maintenance item that PMI Destination Properties can handle quickly and efficiently on your behalf.

4. Pest control

In the Kansas City area, we have our fair share of pests — rodents, insects and small animals. You don’t want any of them to become your tenant’s newest roommate (without even signing a lease.) Landlords should have a plan for consistent pest prevention. At PMI Destination Properties, we can handle pest control proactively, and if needed, when any pest problems crop up.

5. Appliance repair and replacement

These types of issues must be fixed quickly. A refrigerator, stove and dishwasher are important tools for every tenant. Landlords should make sure these critical appliances are working properly, and if a tenant calls about a problem with any of the appliances, that the issue is handled as quickly as possible. Around the holidays especially, kitchen appliances are a must for family gatherings/meals.

6. Handling other minor maintenance tasks

A squeaky door, a drawer that doesn’t sit right, a dryer with a broken belt that screams like a teenage girl in a horror film. All these issues seem small. They’re probably small enough for a tenant to not feel the need to reach out to you about them. However, these kinds of small annoyances are what define the time a tenant lives on your property. The more content and at home your tenant feels the easier life is for you. Especially if your tenant is hesitant to reach out to you, asking them if they have any small maintenance concerns like this will make them so much more comfortable with you.

At PMI Destination Properties, we’ll keep your rental property in optimal condition. We have relationships with a wide variety of maintenance and repair companies and can handle all maintenance requests and coordinate repairs for you. We also handle regular in-person inspections that make it easier to identify potential problems earlier, when they are the least expensive to repair. Let’s talk! Call us at (913) 583-1515.