Vacation Rental Management: How to Lower Vacancy Rates in Kansas City

Vacation Rental Management: How to Lower Vacancy Rates in Kansas City

Vacation rental management is a highly lucrative business with the right help. With a nice boost from the budding Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce romance, Kansas City tourism is seeing a massive growth spurt. Swifties aside, to help you reduce your vacancy rates, we'll go over our favorite vacation rental management tips to help you get more bookings.

With the right professional help, your vacation rental will get occupied more often and for longer stays. From customer satisfaction to property marketing, these tips will help keep your vacation rentals booked. Let's jump in and see how professional management will help vacation go-ers coming back to your rental.

Become a Hospitality Professional

When you go to a hotel, you expect a certain level of hospitality. From clean rooms to custom amenities, you expect a level of professional service. The same goes for vacation rental homes.

With a few simple add-ons, your guests want to feel pampered, safe, and well taken care of. First, utilizing a property management company gives your vacation home a professional tone. Guests will know you have experts helping if needed.

A professional management company will help with coordinating cleanings, repairs, and more. Your home will look like it's taken care of by the pros. This gives guests confidence in booking your vacation rental.

Management Companies with Expert Marketing

Marketing is the key to attracting good vacation renters. When on vacation, people want to know your home will suit their needs. The way to show them this online is through marketing.

Management companies can help with professional photos, videos, property descriptions, and more. Show your vacation renters all your home has to offer.

Professional Accounting

When you own a vacation home, you want to think of it like you're running a mini hotel. You want your renters to feel secure and confident when paying for your vacation rental.

A professional management company has the tools to help you create secure bookings. You'll have a reliable calendar, payment options, and more. This will help you take payments and manage your booking calendar.

The same goes for understanding Missouri real estate taxes, fees, and payments. They can help manage payments for cleaning services or repair professionals as well.

Keep Customer Satisfaction High with Great Tenant Communications

The first step to keeping your vacation tenants happy is communication. While you don't want to bombard them, you want to let them know that you have professionals on hand when needed.

Property managers will help communicate about access to the home and other instructions. They can also help with questions before, during, and after booking.

Hire Professional Vacation Rental Management in Kansas City Today

There are many ways to keep your vacation rental property full and profitable. The best way is to have a management company that has experience with vacation rental management. Don't let your home sit empty.

If you're overwhelmed with managing your vacation home, it's time to call PMI Destination Properties. We have years of experience with vacation rentals and know how to keep the bookings coming. To learn more and to speak with a vacation home specialist, fill out the contact form here to get in touch with PMI Destination Properties.