What You Need to Know About Kansas City Barbecue

What You Need to Know About Kansas City Barbecue
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When you say “Kansas City” to somebody, there could be many things that come to mind. The city’s sports teams. A vibrant music and arts scene. Wonderful scenery surrounds both cities with that name.

But, let’s be honest: one of the first things people think of is ‘cue.

Yes, barbecue in Kansas City has become one of its most revered (and delicious) calling cards. Since the early part of the 20th century, restaurants and chefs in the city have been delighting visitors with saucy, smoky treats.

We wanted to give you an idea of what to expect when visiting KC for its world-famous barbecue. So sit back and read on as well spill all the sauce about what makes it so unique.

The aspects of barbecue in KC

There are many reasons why Kansas City barbecue stands out among others in the States. For starters, it comes in many different options beyond beef and pork. There’s chicken, salmon, lamb and even jackfruit for those who want the sauce but need a vegan option.

The KC brand of sauce is very distinctive. Made with molasses, it’s thicker than some other sauces and merges sweetness with some serious spice. It’s also a tradition to order a side dish of burnt ends, which is the tip of a brisket and works great on a bun with some coleslaw or potato salad. It’s always often smoked as well, as opposed to grilled. Hickory is the common wood that’s used, although it can vary by each individual region, and even neighborhood.

Order it up like the locals do

There are several specifics to how you order your barbecue platter in KC. The Visit KC helpfully offered some lingo tips in their exhaustive section on barbecue in the area. Here are the ones to remember:

Beef on bun: That’s what you call a barbecue beef sandwich, especially at the famed Gates Bar-B-Q restaurant.
Bark: This is the crunchy crust that is a part of the char on your smoked meat. It’s way tastier than the real bark, that’s for sure!
Smoke ring: This is the pink oval shape that found underneath the bark. This is formed from the meat’s pigment and the smoke.
Rib tips: It’s the meat taken from the ribs, making a more even and flavorful cut of barbecue.
Kansas caviar: This is actually a side dish, which includes lima beans, corn and carrots.
Pig snoot sandwich: It does what it says on the menu, and some locals swear by it.

You’ll also notice that your barbecue will often come with a combination of pickles and white bread, a longstanding Kansas City tradition that dates back to the very beginnings of the culinary scene here. You can also ask for “red soda,” either a red-colored cream soda drink or one that’s strawberry flavored. Both of these options are often served at longtime barbecue establishments.

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