Creative Property Marketing and Advertising Techniques for Commercial Properties

Creative Property Marketing and Advertising Techniques for Commercial Properties

Are you struggling to find tenants for your property? Whether you own an apartment complex, office building, or another type of commercial property, it can be challenging to find quality tenants. You might not realize that your property marketing and advertising strategy could be what's causing your rental to still be vacant.

This blog will discuss creative real estate marketing tactics you can employ in your upcoming campaigns. Discover high-quality tenants and keep your rentals at full vacancy all year long.

An Attractive Website

Having a business website might not seem like one of the most unique real estate advertising ideas. However, around 23.5% of businesses don't have a website in place.

Many potential renters start their search to find a space to rent online. Failing to have a website will result in you missing out on a large chunk of potential renters.

On top of actually having a website, you need to ensure that your website is user-friendly and attractive. It needs to work on multiple devices, including:

  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Mobile devices

All of your company's information, including what units you have available for rent, should be listed on your website.

Establish a Social Media Presence

Social media is a great place for you to make connections with other professionals in your area, including prospective tenants. You can also use these platforms to highlight what available listings you have.

Take high-quality pictures of your open units to post on your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts. Use optimized hashtags to increase the number of eyes on your posts.

Create Videos

Images aren't the only things that can catch someone's eye. Videos are another great opportunity to showcase your properties. Some of the types of footage you can share include:

  • Virtual walkthroughs
  • Aerial drone footage

This type of content shows people what it's like to physically be in your available space. Well-shot videos should hopefully entice the viewer to contact you for more information.

Showcase Testimonials

Client testimonials are a wonderful way to establish your business's credibility. Show how your commercial property will give prospective tenants everything they need. They'll be able to see how your spaces have improved other people's lives with authentic testimonials.

You can highlight testimonials in some of the following places:

  • Social media
  • Emails
  • Videos
  • Websites
  • Case studies

Launch Ad Campaigns

Facebook and Google ads are the perfect spots to launch targeted ad campaigns. You can create display and text ads that are shown to customers who are searching for the types of properties you have. You only pay when they click on your ad, making it a cost-effective advertising option.

Get Professional Help With Property Marketing and Advertising in Kansas City

It can be challenging to figure out what strategies to employ for commercial property marketing and advertising. Partnering with an experienced property management company is key. They know what strategies work and which ones will help with attracting new tenants.

Whether you need help managing your commercial real estate or creative marketing ideas, PMI Destination Properties is here to assist. Contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our specialists.